Reasons Why You Should Choose Boarding School Over Day School

There is a clear difference between a day school and a boarding school. Also there is a difference between people who attended day schools and people who attended boarding schools. Sometimes, the school which one attends, determines his or her behavior/character as a person. It also determines how some people approaches certain situations.

A boarding school, simple means a situation where the students lives in the school premises. They are been care for by the school. While, in day school, students goes to school from their houses.

Sometimes, students who attends day schools treks to their schools and also trek back after school.
When a student treks to school, he or she might not be able to concentrate on class work, due to the stress.

It is of no doubt that, boarding schools are far better than day schools. some of the reasons why you should consider a boarding school than day school are;


In every good boarding school, there is always a good and well coordinated system of education. This ranges from, the environment, staffs and the students themselves.

There is always, a laid down rules and regulations which students strictly adhere to. Unlike some day schools, where students don’t care about the rules and regulations of the school. They always do things according to their own wish, which is not usually acceptable . Some of the day schools are always dirty, because there is no one who would be around to clear them. Students in day schools usually sacrifice their lecture times to keep the school environment clean. Unlike boarding schools, where there is a specific time for labor.


Students in boarding schools, don’t have any reason going to school late. Reason being that, they live inside the school and every necessary thing they need are been provided by the school.

But, some students who go to day schools always go to school late. Some might be because of much work at home, or lack of necessary materials needed. Sometimes, it might be the the fault of the parents who sends their wards on errands during school times. A situation like that is not obtained in boarding schools. And that is one of the reasons why boarding schools are more preferable.


In boarding schools, there is time for everything. There is a specific time for, praying, bathing, eating, teaching, reading, playing, working and sleeping. This is the main reason why students from boarding schools are different from students from day schools.

Also, in boarding schools, teachers lives with the students, and this ensures the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

Students in day school, usually go to school late, and they hardly have a specific time for any activity. They do come to school any day they like and also leave the school whenever they feel like. Some day schools have no scheduled time for a particular thing. They choose to engage in any activity at any time they want.
Schools should have an established routine, which would be followed all day.


Students, don’t go to school alone to read and write. They also have to improve on their social life.
However, students in boarding school enhances more, when it come to their social life. Each day, they stay together, they do other things other than reading. They discuss and interact, with their fellow students, they also interact with their teachers who lives with them. They get to know, the views of people who comes from different backgrounds on a particular issue. And they learn things which would later be of help to them in the future.

But, in day schools, students hardly have enough time to interact with their fellow. They only come to school, learn and go back home.

The social lives, of the matters a lot. Because, people who are socially balanced will be able to adapt to any situation they found themselves.

People who attended boarding schools are always unique and they are responsible.
This doesn’t mean that, people who went to day schools are not responsible. Sometimes, those who attended day school, might be more responsible compared to people who went to boarding school.

But, it is more likely that students from boarding school are more responsible.


In most of the boarding schools, the use of electronic devices are banned. This enables the students to focus more on their studies rather than being distracted.
While students who go to school from their houses, might be using phones and other electronic gadgets. This may lead them to, not doing their assignments and other school works which might be necessary.
As a result of this, they don’t read their books, and they cheat during examination in other to pass.


Every good boarding schools, has all the necessary equipment’s which would enhance the learning process. And also ensures the comfort of the students. Students can also learn how to tackle some issues, from the experience they gained in boarding school.
Mean while, most of these things are not obtained in the day schools.

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