Processes Involved in Preparing of African Salad (Abacha)

The African salad popularly known as ” Abacha” is a local traditional dish of the Africans. It is very easy to prepare and is also of high nutritional value. The processes of its preparation right from the farm.

Due to its easy preparation and high nutritional value, it is in high demand. Its preparation does not take up to thirty minutes, its ingredients for preparation are as follows. Oil, fresh vegetables, garden egg, onion, crayfish, pepper, and other necessary ingredients.

The ingredients for the preparation of African salad, may differ, at every region they have their own way, of preparing it.
The processes involved in its preparation includes;


The matured cassava is been harvested from the farm, then, the tubers are pilled and thoroughly washed, the cassava should go under a thorough washing so as to avoid contamination.

When any food is contains contaminant, such food is no longer good for consumption. So that is the main reason for its thorough washing. Also, it remember wash it with a clean water.


The next is the boiling of the cassava. You have to do this slightly for about 25 to 30 minutes.
The purpose of this particular step is to, soften the cassava tubers , and most importantly, reduce the acidic content [cyanide] in it, this acid is dangerous if consumed.


After completing the boiling process, the now soft tubers is then cut into slices using a sharp knife or any other kind of cutter that can do the job. The reason for this slicing is to enhance its drying speed. After this is done, the sliced pieces is then goes through a drying process to get rid of the moisture and for proper preservation.

But, you should make sure that after slicing the cassava, you dry it very well, so that it will not spoil. You can save it, after drying and use it whenever you want.


At this stage, the preparation is almost complete. The already preserved cassava slices void of moisture is gotten and soaked in warm water. You may possibly be asking why the need for this again.
The process is essential because, it helps to soften once again the already drying cassava and most importantly, helps to get rid of farm germs and microbes in it.

After doing this, for about 5 to 10 minutes, you pour it in a clean sieve and allow to drain.

At this point, you are at the apex of the whole process. Always remember that you must strictly ensure that all your cooking utensils including your hand must be thoroughly washed. This is to avoid germs from entering the food.


The condiments for an appetizing meal include: Red oil, salt, dry pepper, crayfish, onions, fresh vegetables, garden egg [ optional ], fresh fish and other necessary condiments needed.
Using all the ingredient, a tasty meal is what you will have.
You will have to first, fry the fresh fish using slight salt in your red oil. After that, mixed the already pounded dry pepper with crayfish and other necessary condiments in your red oil in a clean pot or bowl and add salt to the taste.

Finally, put the already drained cassava slices and turn properly using a clean stirring spoon or washed hands till the mixing is okay.
Then dish out in a clean plate with your already fried fish. Then serve the meal with sliced garden eggs, onions and vegetables. At this juncture, your delicious spicy African salad other wise known as ABACHA , is ready for consuming.

This is one of the best food one would ever eat.


The processes for the preparation of African salad may differ from individuals, tribes, and even countries. It all depends on the traditions and the method used by your own people.
African salad is one of the most nutritional food you would ever eat. it is easy to prepare, so it can be prepared at any time of the day.
Initially, a lot of people usually think it is a big deal preparing Africa salad. But having read this article you would understand that it is one of the easiest dishes to prepare.

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