Possible Reasons Why Students Join Cultism.

A lot of terrible things are happening, in our education system today. There have been, cases of killing, distructions of properties, rape and lots more.
Research had it that, 92% of such cases recorded, are been caused by the students in cult.
But the question still remains, why do students join cult, what do gain by joining cultism in school.
Some students, have their reasons why they join cultism. Some people, said it is because of, lack of parental care, depression and series of other reasons they may give.
But, the question is, does their reasons for joining cult worth it? and how is that possible?

Well, having researched on this issue, we came up with the possible reasons why we think studet join cultism, in schools.


A lot of things, have been said to be the reason,why students join cultism. Some of these reasons are;


This is where it all starts from. A situation where, parents don’t care much, to know the way about of their children. Some parents hardly have time for their children, and in a situation like this, there will be no body to watch over them. Then they think that, they are free to do whatever they like. They may choose to go out and see friends,which might be influencing them negatively. At the long run, they might be exposed to cultism, with a lot of fake promises and they will succumb to such act. Reason might be because, no body told them the side affects of what they are into.
At the point, where their parents would get to know, it would be too late by then. Reason being that, such children might have gone deep and have been committed to such evil act.

Some parents, always think that money is everything. They keep giving their children money, thinking that is all. Sometimes, the children needs parental advice.

Every parents, should always stay closer to their children, know their needs and guide them Always caution them when to they do things wrong and that will help them differentiate between bad and good.


Some people, who are cultist today, were mislead by their friends. It wasn’t they intention to become cultists. But do to the fact that their friends were cultists, they were decived and they found them selves doing what they don’t like.

Parents, should always be mindful of the type of friends, that they allow their children to associate with.

In school, students should also mind the type of friends they keep, They should avoid friends, who are cultists, because they can be influenced to join them.
As a student, you should stay away from friends, who possess dirty minds, because, they might lead you to trouble.


Cultism, has become a very popular in our education system. Especially in secondary School and University level. And this has become a disaster to the educationa system.
Students, who belongs to cultism, thretens other students who are not. And some students who are been thretened finds joining cult as the only ultimate, which is not right.
This they do with the reason of protecting themselves from other cult members.

Some people, want others to be always be afraid of them. And they found cultism as the only way to make people fear them.

Cultism, is not a way to protect yourself, they many other things you could, do to protect yourself self from cultists.
Always mind your business, don’t try to interfer in what doesn’t concern you, and stay out of troubles.
Prayer, is the only way you can use to, protect yourself from any thing. Therefore prayer, should be your only protection.


This another reason, why some students join cultism.
Some people join cultism because, their love ones where killed by a cult group. They join cult, so as to revenge for the killing of their loved ones.
Sometimes, people take this decision in anger. And finally, when they are done revenging, they intend to leave cult, but it would be too late by then.
This type of decision, might be taken in anger. Decisions taken in anger, are sometimes, regrated in the future, because it causes a lot of emotional, mental and physical distructions.


This is another major reason why students join cultism in school.
Some students, are not financially balanced, so they join cult so as make money. They make this money through robbery and some, through money ritual.
This is so bad, people should learn to be contented with whatever they have. There are many others ways to make money, other than joiningvl cultism, which will lead you to your early grave.

Most of the, robbery, and kidnapping cases been recorded, are cultists. Who kidnap people for ritual.


It is said that “an idle man, is a devil’s workshop”.
A lot of people today, join cultism due to lack of job. After some years of searching for jobs, and they is none, some may see cultism as the ultimate.

Well, you don’t have to hope on the government, for job after school. You have to create you own job yourself.
You can decide to learn a hand work like, tailoring, automobile mechanic, hair marking, or go into business.

The problem, is that people expect big results so fast. In other to achieve big results, you have to be hard working and patient.

So cultism, is not an option when you don’t see job opportunities.

(7). FOR FUN:

Some people, due to the need to satisfy their selfish sexual desire, they join cultism.
This is mostly seen, among the male cultists, and this leads to the increase in the high rate of rape cases.

In conclusion;

There is no enough reason, why students or anyone at all, should join cultism.
Cultism, is one the deadly things which has lead a lot of people to their early grave.

Parents, should always monitor their children closely, especially when they are still young. This will go a long way to curb the high of cultism in our societies today.

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