How To Make A Good Essay Writing As A Student.

An essay is a written composition on a topic. Essay is a piece of writing that is to be presented in form of sentence and paragraph. It is written with the aim of, educating and entertaining the readers.
Essay writing is aimed at, building the students skills on creativity and language communication.

In both junior and senior secondary School, a lot of interest is been attached to essay writing. Because, it is used to test the students views on a particular issue and how they express them.

Essay writing also, the student’s being able to plan and arrange his points on a particular topic. The ideas he expresses should be original and easy for the readers to understand.

Essays could be inform of;

(a). Descriptive essay;

This involves a situation where the writer, expresses an event in words.
The writer’s aim is to reproduce the feeling of such event to the readers. The sound of a descriptive essay is always in accordance to the feeling the writer experienced about the topic in discussion.

(b). Narrative essay;

As the name sounds, the writer is to narrate a story or an event in a written form.
Past tense is, in writing a narrative essay.
The narrator would also include conversations Which took place during the event so as to make it a realistic one.
Narrative essays always come inform of short stories, adventures, biographies and others.

(c). Argumentative essay;

This type of essay requires the writer to write in favor or against something. It requires that the writer takes a stand on a controversial issue, either to speak in favor or against.
This type of essay, in physical form is a debate. A situation where one is ask, to speak in favor or against a given topic.
Examples of argumentative essay are; Are farmers better than doctors or is democracy better than civil rule.

(d). Expository essay;

This is a type of write ups that the writer gives the details on a particular activity. It passes the information of, how to carry out some activities, to the readers.

An expository essay requires that, the writer is using the register of the field in discuss. That is in terms of the names of the materials which one needs to carry out the activity under discussion.
For example, if the essay is based on scientific writing (e.g How to use the telescope). The writer has to name each part of the machine and it’s function.
Expository essays topic, is usually on how to do things like; how to prepare a fried rice, and how to bake a bread and lots more.

(e). Reflective essay;

This is a careful consideration, about something. It involves bringing out opinions on a topic of abstract nature as happiness, joy, love, life etc.

It also involves the use of, literary devices like metaphor, irony, simile etc.
Reflective and expository essays are related in terms of depth presentation. But, totally different because, expository essay requires, the step to step process of doing something. While reflective essay is based on the presentation of individual’s perspective of an abstract issue.


Apart from argumentative essay, all other forms of essay are writing are based on this format;

(1). TITTLE.

The tittle is a group of words or a sentence, that captures the focus of the essay. From the tittle, the reader would be able to understand the information the whole essay is trying to pass.

There are two ways to write the tittle of an essay. First is, writing the whole sentence in small letters and underlying it. Then the second one is, writing the whole sentence in capital letters.


This is the second part of the essay, where the main topic of the essay is defined. It summaries to the reader the whole topic which is in discussion.

Introduction might come inform of;

– Definition
– Asking questions
– Dialogue and
– Quotation.
In any form it might come, it’s main purpose is to give the reader the summary of the whole essay.


This is where the writer, says all he know about the topic in discussion.
The second paragraph of been started from the body of the essay. It is at the body of the essay, that the writer empties all he has to say .
The body of the essay, may contain from three to six paragraphs. Depending on the number of points the writer has to express.


This marks the last paragraph of the essay.
A good conclusion, must try to resolve the issue which is been raised at the beginning of the essay. It should be written in a way that, will tell the reader that the write up is getting to an end.
It should begin with a transition word or phase such as, in conclusion, finally, lastly etc.

Also, the conclusion should demand the reader to take some actions in regards to what the essay is all about.


writing of articles might be very technical, and should be done with every amount of seriousness.
In writing an essay, the laid guidelines should be followed so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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