How To Gain Massive Followers On Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms which can be used in building of business, and also reaching out to the targeted audience.

But, growing followers on Twitter this days is a little bit difficult. But can be easy if you will follow the guidelines we are going to lay down for you.

Your profile picture tells alot about you. Some people on twitter always follow you because of your profile picture. In this case you ought to have a unique and attractive picture at you profile, in as much as you profile picture should be attractive and unique, you should also make sure that the picture is real. That is to say, it should be your picture and nothing else, if not it will look like a spamming account. And people will always avoid following accounts they suspect to be a spamming one. This might not be applicable to popular celebrities who have their account verified on twitter and usually put on their latest music or movie artwork on their profile as a way of promoting their music or movie.

Apart from using a good profile picture, you also have to describe your self fully well on your bio and make sure you add links which are necessary and complete every other aspect of your profile.

It is important that you should always tweet on regular basis, as this will help show your activeness and also in a good way boost your followers on Twitter. Research made, shows that 88% of Twitter users who have as much as 20,000 always tweet regularly. Therefore, frequent tweeting goes a long way in helping you to gain more followers on Twitter.

It is said that time is everything, always try to schedule your tweets so as to gain more followers. Research had it that it is more preferable you tweet, between the hours of 1pm to 3pm, as twitter is always at its peak of traffic at this moment. It is also adviceble you tweet every 4 hours so as to engage with your followers.

Tweeting during the weekend would probably help you engage with more followers, this is because it seems Twitter always have it’s active users during the weekend more than the working days.

    A lot of people on social medias don’t know how to use their hashtag and it’s essence. But here is it, at every moment on Twitter there is always a trending hashtags.
    Always try using them on your tweets as it would help people searching for such hashtags to see your tweet and possibly follow you.

While using hashtags, the maximum hashtags to be used is three. Reason being that using more than three hashtags would make you tweet look like a spam , and this might lead to lost of followers.
However, hashtags should be used in it’s proper way so as to avoid your tweet look so suspicious

    Here is another way of growing your followers on Twitter.
    Retweeting sometimes can go a long way in helping you grow your followers, especially when it comes to retweeting popular tweets from celebrities, you might be lucky enough, him or her might in return retweet also, and that will go a long way in the growth of your followers. Sometimes while retweeting,you have to retweet with captivating captions
    so as to make the tweet more attractive.
    Twitter these days is becoming more of visuals.
    People now engage more on tweet with visuals like videos.
    However, followers on Twitter would always like to hook up with people who tweet with visuals
    thereby following them up for more.
    Here is the reason why commenting on tweets are important, especially when it comes to all these celebrity post . Their comments section is another way of growing your followers. Always drop a positive and captivating comments on people’s tweets and you would be pron to getting more followers.
    In your tweets, always tell your followers what stands to be the truth and avoid rumors. Being a reliable source of information to your followers make it easier for you to gain more followers on Twitter, this is because you would be pron to get many retweets, mentions, and different positive reactions from your followers.
    This could be another way of growing your Twitter followers. Mentioning people with massive followers on Twitter would help you gain more followers, this is because you might get retweets and mention,and automatically you would be opportuned to have more followers. 10. PROMOTING YOUR TWEETER HANDLES BY MARKETING. You can choose to share your your Twitter account handle with your friends You can also market it online or offline.You can choose to share it through your business card. You may also choose to get more followers by asking your family members to follow you on Twitter. They are many other several ways one can choose to grow his or her twitter handle.

In conclusion, growing your Twitter followers, might be easy or difficult for you, but it all depends on you approach to it .

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