7 Businesses To Start Up As A Graduate In Nigeria

It is no more a hidden fact that, they are only but few employment opportunities, for the Nigerian university graduates. Some people, graduate from the University and start looking for job, but all to no avail.
Due to this, there is increase in the rate of crime, in the society. A lot of people, die everyday, due to the frustration that comes from the inability to secure a job after graduation.

As a wise student, you don’t have to wait for the government to employ you after school.
You can choose to start up, a business and be self employed. But, the question is, what type of business do I go into?
However, there are a lot of business one can decide to venture into, after graduating from the University. And most of these business are very lucrative.
Some of these business, require little or no skills to start up.

There are many lucrative businesses, one can choose to start up, such as.


The world, is turning into a computer age. Most of the things being done these days, are easily carried out with the help of computers.
You can decide to, start up a computer business, and earn alot of money through it.

These type of business, requires someone with a computer knowledge. Someone, who can carry out operations in computer. It also requires someone that can type fast.
While choosing this type of business, always choose a good location for it. It requires a place close to a college, where students are always around.
Students, needs someone who can help them, do their assignments, and also browse for them. They also need someone, who can help them sort out other computer related works in school.
When you are good in this type of business, you would make a lot of money within a short period of time.
To start up this type of business, you need to purchase, a desktop computer, or a laptop and a printer. You also need. a photocopying machine and other related equipment, so as to
ensure smooth running of the business.


This and number 1 can still work together. There are, series of online business available, ranging from;
(a) blogging
(b) freelance writing
(c) YouTube channel
(d) online trading
(e) email marketing, and many other online business available.

Most of the business, don’t need any special training and does not take much of your time. And at the end you will be paid handsomely.
You can decide to combine both cyber cafe management and online business, because they will perfectly work together.


This is another good lucrative business, to start up. It requires a special training, which could last up 3 to 6 months, and you Wii become an expert in it.
In the world today, there is much interest in the area of fashion. People would always like, to look good, dress well and look attractive.
It is the duty of the tailors to, make sure people look good.
As a tailor or fashion designer, you could be contracted for a wedding or burial ceremony or any other type of ceremony. You would be responsible for, all the clothes or designs, that would be worn on the day of the occasion.
At the end, you would be paid handsomely for your job.

As a fashion designer or tailor, you can offer to guide people who are planning for an event. You would guide them, on the best clothes to put on or the best fashion to use.

People, earn a living from tailoring, and fashion designing. As a tailor you can be able to make a huge amount of money within the space of five to six months.


This might relate to number 1 and 2 . You could be talented in designing, all you need to do is to embark on a computer graphics designing program. This program may last up to four months, and you would become a professional graphic designer.
Graphics designers are in high demands everywhere. Companies, and other brands are looking for professional graphic designers, who would design for them. You could be hired by the company, and you would be working for them, and they will be paying you big.


Photographing and graphic designing can still work together. For you to be a good photographer, you must have the little knowledge of how capture good quality pictures.

Photographing, is one of the most lucrative business, you can start up as a graduate.

A good photographer who is determined, would make it big within a short period of time.
To be a good photographer, you must have a good photo studio, a quality camera and other necessary equipments.

I know of a friend, who is into photographing,
he now owns a car and a house, just within the space of three years.

Photographing,is still one of the best businesses you can venture into.


Start up a barbing salon for boys and also a hair salon for girls,
People would always want, their hair to clean all the time. And as a barber or a hair maker, you would always have better opportunities everyday. People come in daily basis to make or shave their hair.

To start up a hair salon, you would have to learn from others who are into the business already. You have to work with professional for at least 6 months, hen, having learnt it all, you can ahead and start up your own.

Most barbers and hair makers earn a living through it.


A provision store, should be another option you would consider, lot make of profits, from such business. Sell items like, beverages, detergents, creams snacks and so many other things. You may decide to also sell clothes and shoes.

If you are not be interested, in a provision store. Then you may consider a book shop as an option.


There are many other businesses to choose from.
In every business you decide going into, make sure you learn everything that would be necessary.

Having read this article, I believe you would not wait for the government to offer you a job after graduation.
You would be able to start up something for yourself and earn a living.

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