11 Ways To Make Money Online As A Student

Making money online theses days, especially for the students, seems easy. All you need is your phone or computer and an internet connection.
Most of these jobs require, little or no skill to start up . All it requires is the zeal for writing.
As a student, you don’t always have to depend on your parents, for income. You can choose to start up something today, and earn extra cash through it.
However, in this article we have digged out several ways, in which students can use to make money online.


A YouTube channel, is one of the ways in which you can earn from. Though this might sounds so unfamiliar to some people, but it is not actually nothing hard to start up. All you need is just a little computer knowledge, and you are good to go.

YouTube, is estimated to have up to 12 billion viewers each day. And a good youtube channel, would be able to have 100,000 viewers from such numbers of traffic each day.
Income being generated from youtube, is based on the number of subscribers and number of viewers a channel has.

You can choose to use youtube as a comedian. Delivering funny contents to the audience, you can also use it for vlog.
Once you are able to gain up to 10,000 subscribers, and a good amount of video viewers, then can you can be able to earn money from it. And this is usually,through google ads on you youtube channel.


As a student, you can decide to go into blogging. Starting up a blog, is not something difficult.
You must, first choose an inche in which you want to blog about. It could be about, travels, entertainment, food, fashion,and lots more.

After choosing an inch, get a domain name for your blog, register it with one of the supposed companies. Then, host your blog with any of the hosting companies and Start blogging.

You can make money as a bloger, through google ads, promoted contents and placing of private ads on your blog.


You can also also use your blog as a photo selling site. This is another good way of making money online as a student.
All you have to do is to have a good quality camera, and also be a good photographer.

Selling photos online, is an easy way of gaining extra coins into your pocket as a student.


Graphics designing is a very good source of income for students.
You can choose to go into, graphics designing programs, and become an expert in designing.

Brands, companies, and a lots of other businesses, need a graphics designer, especially when it comes to their logo designs, business cards and other related designs which the company may need.
As it regards to that, graphics designers are in high demands.
So, as a student, choosing graphics designing,is another good source of income.


Here, is another good opportunity, through which students can be able to make money from.
You can be paid handsomely,for a translating jobs. All you need is, to be able to speak the language, Which you are to translate to, and also be fluent in it.

I know of a friend who got hired by a translating agency, he makes up to $10 to $30 each day.
That’s so amazing.


Here is another idea of making money online.
Amazon let’s you sell their products at a higher price, and the profits becomes yours.
You might have a friend or neighbours, who enjoys buying goods online. You can let him or her buy from you and you will earn some extra cash into your pockets.


They are alot of legit survey companies online, who pay their customers handsomely. All you need to do is, register with one of them Take their surveys and follow their instructions strictly. Then when you are done you, will be credited.

This you can do at your leisure time, and earn alot of money.


Some newly created website, usually pay people off, just to test their websites.
The main aim of this is to find out, the website speed, reliability, and it’s effectiveness.

You won’t, spend up to 30 minutes in this job, and they pay you in a huge amount.


This is another way to make money online.
You can choose, to start creating an Instagram page, Twitter account and also Facebook page. And later on, turn it in to a source revenue.

All you need to do is, to grow the accounts to have up to 10,000 followers, and you are good to go

Many business, or companies usually need, a social media account with much number of followers, to boost thier business.
You can be able to make up to, $100 to $500 through selling of social media accounts.


A lot of youtube video creators, always complain of having issues, with the editing of their videos.
And they need, a video editor to make their videos more attractive.

Comedians, also search for video editors, who would be able to make their videos more unique. Also in the movie industry, Video editors are in high demand, as they are alot of works for them to do.

As a student, you can decide today, to go into video editing, you can edit videos for comedians, and make their videos more attractive and fun.
Probably at the long run, you would choose that as a career.


If you enjoy writing, then this could be one of your chances, of making money online.

Some blogs, and some other companies, needs someone who could be able to make research, and write an articles for them. Articles Which would be, suitable for publishing.
All, it requires is, someone who possess a good writing skills and can manage it grammar very. well.

As a student you can, earn some extra money through copywriting for blog.

Having read this article, you would understand that, they are many ways to make money online as a student.
You don’t always have to depend on your parents for everything. You can choose to be independent today by choosing one of ways to make money online, as listed above.

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